GEA Goedhart Product Catalogue

Goedhart GPC selection program


The Goedhart GPC selection program combines all paper brochures from fully standard and systematic customized products: air coolers, liquid coolers and air cooled condensers ranges in an electronic format.

The software has the same amount of information as the paper brochures, but making selecting and sorting a lot easier and faster.

    • Materials
      • Air coolers (Copper/Aluminium)
      • Air coolers (Stainless Steel/Aluminium)
      • Air coolers (Hot dipped galvanised)
      • Air cooled condensers (Copper/Aluminium)
      • Air cooled condensers (Stainless Steel/Aluminium)
    • Refrigerants
      • R404A
      • R22
      • R134a
      • R507
      • R407A
      • R407C
      • R407F
      • R510A
      • R717 (NH3)
      • R744 (CO2)
    • Coolants
      • Alkali
      • CaCl2/Water
      • CH3OH/Water
      • E-glycol/Water
      • Ethaan
      • Freezium
      • Benzine
      • Hycool
      • Methaan
      • NaCl/Water
      • Pekasol
      • P-glycol/Water
      • Temper
      • Tetrachloor
      • Themera
      • Trichloor
      • Water
      • Zitrec

System requirements:

  • This program has been designed for multi-user execution and may be installed on more PC’s with at least 1000 MHz processor or better, working with a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0  Client Profile

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Procedure for download and installation:

  • Click on the link in the download area on the right side of this page to download the Goedhart GPC selection program
  • When downloading the software, you accept our Goedhart General Conditions of Delivery
  • Save the file to a temporary directory on your hard disk or desktop.
  • Unblock the ZIP-file before unzipping the GPC setup file (Microsoft is trying to protect for malware).
  • Install GPC with: GPC2017setup.msi. During the installation procedure the software will create a new directory on your hard disk.

Note: This installation procedure deletes existing directories with the same name.

We cannot be held responsible for damages in any way by the user and/or third parties because of the use of this software.

Although we have taken maximum care to prevent deficiencies or faults it is possible that they may still exist, for which we cannot be held liable.

For any questions or problems with the installation setup of the Goedhart GPC selection program you can contact:

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